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Peer pressure

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    Hi there. I was peer pressured into giving an introduction (better late than never I suppose) so here goes:

    I'm Meesh and I am currently studying physics and mathematics in university. Due to my lack of ambition for the past month or so I had begun to fall behind in my classes and now am struggling to get back to the point where I feel comfortable (most likely ahead of the rest of the class, but where I should be with the lectures). I was looking for a forum a while ago for strictly physics because I knew about ones for strictly math and gave up. Anyways I am sorry to say it but I joined hoping for homework help when I need it. However I do hope to give my knowledge to others along the way.

    Other people are giving more personal details so I guess I can add something random as well. Hmm I kind if dropped most of my hobbies because of university but something I keep up is drawing (somewhat). I have a tumblr page that I post some of my drawings and thoughts to ( http://thethingsivedonetoday.tumblr.com [Broken] if you are interested )

    That's all I've got for you. I'll talk to you later.
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    Welcome to PF Meesh!
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    Thank you. So far my procrastination has been used helping others so that's a step up from doing nothing. :p
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