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Peg-legged Bigfoot

  1. Mar 19, 2005 #1
    just a 'foot-note' to the Hogzilla saga:

    "Hogzilla is not the first Alapaha legend...... In the 1970's, the town had a peg-legged bigfoot that left mysterious tracks at night. "


    "So tall did the tale become that in November, a team of scientists exhumed Hogzilla and went at him with calipers and DNA tests. Now all of Berrien County awaits their findings, which are to be broadcast on the National Geographic Channel on Sunday night."

    They say 'Peg-leg' showed up for one of the town's parades....
    This all happened in Georgia, a country somewhere in the USA>

    (i'm still dealing with Fluzilla myself)
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    Well if a normal wild hog can weight in at 650+ its not to hard to imagin a 1000 lbs one.

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