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Pelton wheel design parameters

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    Would like to replicate a project we did in school for Turbomachinery class, which was to build a functioning hydropower turbine model. We were given the varous ideal parameters like bucket width, width to length ratio,number buckets and nozzle diameter based on size of wheel. Anyone know of any good links that have this info?
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    Anyone know the relationship between number of buckets for a wheel of particular diameter? Is it related to speed of wheel?
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    I had a paper from a turbomachinery class but I can't seem to find it. It had pretty much all you're looking for, damn clutter. I'll keep an eye out.
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    Search Amazon or your favorite book store for this:

    "The Micro-Hydro Pelton Turbine Manual," by Jeremy Thake.

    This will tell you everything you need to know to build your own Pelton turbine - from scratch - of any size. The book was written to assist people trying to bring hydro power to the third-world, using the manufacturing capabilities available on location. The book includes some theory, sizing information, efficiency calcs, details of water jet design/control, bucket shape/size/orientation/material, and so on. Very complete.

    Cheers -

    Mitch Patrie
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    Thanks for all the responses so far. Very helpful!
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