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Homework Help: Pendulum help PLLLLLLLLLLLEASE

  1. Dec 6, 2009 #1
    Pendulum help PLLLLLLLLLLLEASE!!

    Hi im just doing typical first yr physics pendelum

    Im trying to calculate the frequency of of the oscillation of the pendulum and also calculate the period of oscillation

    here are the details:

    2 m long string pendulum
    200g mass attached to it
    initial amplitude of 10 cm and had to calculate the period of oscillation ??

    i use the typical 2pi*square root ( L/g) where is use valcues 2 m and g= 9.8 m/s 2 ??? is this right way ???

    for frequency of oscillation which formula i shud use??? plz help and if the initial amplitude now is 20 cm ... ????
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    Re: Pendulum help PLLLLLLLLLLLEASE!!

    The frequency of oscillation is just 1/period.
    So if you work out the period to be 2secs the frequency = 1/2 Hz
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    Re: Pendulum help PLLLLLLLLLLLEASE!!

    Yes. Assuming the 2 m is to the center of the mass.
    Use f = 1/T to get the frequency after you have the period.
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