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Pendulum on different planets

  1. Aug 2, 2005 #1
    Here is my problem that I have partly solved.

    An astronaut visits planet x. She takes out a 50 cm pendulum and records a period of oscillation of 2 seconds. Then the astronaut visits planet y, takes out the same pendulum and records a period of oscillation of 1.5 seconds. Which planet has the largest gravity? What is the value of gravity on that planet?

    g = 4pi^2(50)/2^2 = 493.4802201 for planet x
    g = 4pi^2(50)/1.5^2 = 877.298169 for planet y
    planet y has the largest gravity
    Now I'm not sure how to find the value of gravity for planet y.
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    you've already calculated the gravity "g" for both planets.

    (note: to obtain g in mks units, recalulate values using pendulum length of 0.5 meters instead of 50 cm.)
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    So the gravity for the planets is the vaule of gravity?
    planet y has the vaule of gravity of g= 877.29cm/s^2
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    yes (at the location of the pendulum)
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