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Homework Help: Pendulum problems

  1. Jan 30, 2008 #1
    can someone explain how to find the period of a pendulum when given only the time?

    how do you find the period of a pendulum that makes 35 oscillations in 12 seconds? also the frequency?

    a simple pendulum can be used as an altimeter on a plane. how will the period of the pendulum cary as the plane moves from the runway to its cruising altitued of 1.00x10^4 meters?
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    35 oscillations in 12 seconds

    Periodic time is the time taken for one oscillation

    Frequency is the number of oscillations per second
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    sweet. thanks. that helps alot. do you know anything about the other problems?
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    Sorry, I have some ideas but I think I am over thinking it...so that's a no
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    mmk. thanks..let me know if you figure it out please. =]
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