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Penetration depth?

  1. Feb 27, 2010 #1
    penetration depth!?!?!

    How would I find the penetration depth of a staple shot into a material by a staple gun. It doesnt have to be specific to a staple.

    Material im concerned with is pvc.

    Even a general approach is fine. I know the force opposing the staple going in is the friction of the pvc....

    gun has 4ft-lbs of energy to shoot the staple with.... need to know how thick of pvc I can shoot the staple flush to the surface with...I have found a few articles on research on this unfortunately their $30 to view on sciencedirect

    any help anyone can offer would help

    please im stuck on this and have been stuck for quite some time.

    Im sorry if im breaking some rule bc I posted this in the mechanical engineering sector also I just need to figure this out by monday.

    ps....been stuck on this for about 2 months now of course i havent been able to constantly work on it bc of schoolwork and work but still its drivin me nuts

    I have more information available if anyone needs it...Im really looking for a method to solve as opposed to a solution but whatever helps just let me know
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