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Penning trap

  1. May 19, 2009 #1
    i have a personal project that has been brewing in my head since high school. i want to make an electron trap that is capable of holding more than a few particles. a friend has been helping me research the capability of electromagnets and penning traps. according to
    you need a constant magnetic field of 3.765T or more. problem is conventional iron core electromagnets are only capable of 1.6T. there are superconductor magnets but i dont have the monies for those. :/

    there are other materials i could use for the iron core design for instance i could use Mu-metal (melting point?) for a core material and a tantalum alloy for wire due to its high melting point. therefore making it possible to throw more amperes at it.

    any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.
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