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Homework Help: Penny Lab

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    Can help me with a physics problem.

    Which is,

    Where given a variety of masses of cups containing a different amount of pennies in each. we have to find the mass of a penny, which will allow us to determine the quantity of pennies in each cup.

    We have to relate this to Millikan's law.

    The largest mass is 45.88g and the smallest is 8.44g. The mass of the cup is 2.68g.
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    Well would you agree that all the pennies have the same mass for all practical purposes?

    Does that help at all?
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    What is Millikan's law?
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    I think strike must be referring to Millikans method of measuring electron charge.All charges measured were an integral amount of e.I don't know if there's a Millikans law.
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    hmmm..... Google wisdom, having as of late usurped conventional wisdom IMHO, says there is no such law.


    But I agree with your logical extrapolation of the "integral amount" from the posted problem.

    I'd also say that there is too little information in the "given's" to come to a correct conclusion as to the answer to the original question.
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    This question pops at least once a day lately, search forums.
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