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Penrose Lecture

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    In one of these threads, somebody commenting on the original thread provided a link to a Penrose lecture.

    I now cannot find which thread it was in.

    I'm also not sure - it was either in Genral Relativity or Cosmology threads.

    Does this ring a bell with anybody.

    What I'm looking for is the web address that has this lecture.

    I recall clicking on the web link and it started with what looked like a dry erase board full of notes.

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    Ive several times recommended a lecture he gave November 2005 at Cambridge, which is online


    it does look like a "white board" with handrawn diagrams with colored marker

    if you click and wait a few seconds he will begin talking and the slides will change in synch with his talk
    (this is a good format)

    they are actually Penrose transparencies, I saw him give the same talk in Berkeley in 2006 with the same transparencies (even though they look like drawn on a whiteboard.

    maybe this is what you were remembering, Sparky. I learned of the Cambridge online version from Alejandro Rivero.
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    Marcus - This is the one I was looking for!

    Thanks so much

    Also thank you - Turbo -1 , George Jones!

    You have given me more to look at and study. - good stuff.

    Thanks again
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