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Penrose's group at Oxford

  1. Aug 21, 2008 #1
    Anyone ever consider the mathematical physics group at Oxford as alternative to DAMTP?
    (i.e. the department headed by Penrose in the actual maths building at oxford http://www2.maths.ox.ac.uk/mpg/people.shtml [Broken]). There is no equivalent to part III to my knowledge and some of their research seems to overlap with DAMTP (indeed seems so members have later gone on to DAMTP from here); strings, Gen Rel etc with the added benefit of twistor stuff.

    I've never seen this group mentioned on these boards. Do physics undergrads go onto PhD's here, or is mathematicians only? The requirements say mathematics or related degree but I take that with a big pinch of salt.
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    There's definitely no equivalent to the CASM. I don't think Penrose heads it though as he's emeritus now? I've certainly had a look around the group pages... but then half my degree is in maths, which helps :biggrin:
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    yeah he is emeritus, still seems like a very good group. I've emailed a prof there and explained my background and modules (theoretical physics) and he seems happy for me to apply, and says half students there come from physics backgrounds....So I guess nothing to lose by applying (except £25, darn Oxford). Research does seem wayy more mathematical than a theory degree would prepare for though, so I still have my doubts, although it is ultimatley what I want to get into.....wish I had done joint math phys
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    The emphasis seems to be on twistor theory, about which I haven't got the foggiest... maybe having a look at some introductory material on that would be the best way to find out if you're adequately prepared to do a PhD there?
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    Yeah, I mean I read some of Penrose's biggg thick book (Road to Reality) a while ago and got an overview on it, and Im pretty sure I couldnt just start research on it right now. That is the same with string theory though, Ive had no formal training on string theory,just the prereqs like basic QFT/gen rel.....so I'm gonna need some lecture courses/tuition before trying to dive into research on these things either way. I think (I hope) that that is expected, and they will be willing to teach you such things before the research starts in full swing. If not Im screwed :smile:
    I think I will just apply and hope for the best, nothing to lose except potential embaressment at interview, ha ha
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    Hodgey, you don't have nothing to lose, besides your sanity.
    Good Luck!
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