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Penryn SpecInt Benchmark

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    I am trying to run down a claim on Intel's upcoming CPU family release - Penryn. The claim: a dual core version at one of the available clock rates in that line will do a SpecInt2000 of 4000. Intel's tech documents just list a % improvement on prior models, AFAICT. I'm looking for an actual benchmark, and I read they are plenty of beta/ developer chips already out there. Has anyone seen something, or perhaps care to point to a reliable site to check?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Are you talking about an overclocked PC? .. check Extremeoverclocking.com or extremesystems.com.

    I'm a member @ Extremeoverclocking.
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    I have found results publish on the SPEC site for the Intel T9500, a Penryn running 2.6GHz here:
    search for T9500. The Lenova T61 and Dell Precision M6300 report SpecInt 2006 Base 18.1 to 18.6. Is not clear to me how to convert this to a rough SpecInt2000. Searching for a few processors that have published results for both 2000 and 2006 tests suggest a multiplier of ~145 but I can't otherwise check that.
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