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News Pentagon Report: Terror war seen hurting U.S. in Muslim world

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    To me, the observations in the report are ridiculously obvious, but most people blindly follow leaders and their rhetoric. What is your take?
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    hmm, so how does that parallel with angry muslims, violent muslims in other parts of the world attacking and sometimes brutally killing other nationalities who dare speak against them?
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    How does what you said relate to my post?
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    “…It is noteworthy that opinion is (strongest) against America in precisely those places ruled by what Muslims call ‘apostates’ and tyrants — the tyrants we support. This should give us pause...”

    The sentence (above) from the report was altered. It only mildly distorts the meaning, but...?
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    I agree very much with your "ridiculously obvious" take on it ... show anyone of other religion one of the religiously "challenged" speeched of GWB and its bound to raise some eyebrows, and when its packed by aggressive will to use military force whenever seen necessary ... this is what you get.
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    The Pentagon clearly is Liberally biased; Al Franken probabally wrote that report with Fidel Castro's help.
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    The Pentagon isn't 'liberally biased', terms like 'liberal', 'right-wing' and 'socialist' are just names created by the media to make us think that we have a choice in our government and that there is accually a difference, when it comes down to it the only that's influenced the Pentagon in the last several decades has been George F. Kennan.
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    Don't tell me which institutions of my government are and are not liberally biased and/or draw on Al Franken and Fidel Castro for help writing reports!

    How would you like it if I told you what to think about beavers and mooses?!

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    There seeems to be a disconnect between general muslim population's opinion of us and Muslim government policy. Despite the general muslim opinion of the US, isn't it interesting that some key Muslim country's governmental policies have been in our favor? Iran -- for all of its bombast -- has, through complex back-channel negotiations with the United States as well as a complex re-evaluation of its strategic position, changed its behavior since January 2002. Syria has certainly become more circumspect in its behavior. Prior to the Iraq war, these governments ranged from hostile to uncooperative; they since have shifted to a spectrum ranging from minimally cooperative to fully cooperative.

    It is the shifts in government policy that I think is interesting since the invasion of Iraq. I just hope U.S. effort doesn't continue to collapse under the weight of its pyramiding mistakes in Iraq.
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    Source you quoted - “…It is noteworthy that opinion is (strongest) against America in precisely…”

    Form the actual report - “…It is noteworthy that opinion is hardest over against America in precisely…”

    As I said, it was a mild alteration but the journalist should have not presented it as a quote. It is always important to read the original so as not to have one’s personal bias enforced or negated by the reporters bias.

    In this article submitted by Tsunami –

    “Continued fighting in Iraq is straining U.S. forces nearly to the breaking point… …the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines told Congress on Wednesday.

    “nearly to the breaking point”. That part of the statement is entirely fiction and not even inferred in the testimony.

    I depend mostly on the London Times (online) for even reporting; Fox for reinforcement and MSNBC for the enemy’s :tongue: viewpoint.

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    So killing terrorists pisses terrorists off and makes propaganda fodder for dictators? Yes, that is trivially obvious, Dan - what's your point?
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    Good point - but don't forget Libya - the press utterly ignore what happened in Libya last year.
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