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News Pentagon strike 9/11 (please do not lock)

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    As the topic about this event has already been posted and locked right after because someone could not argue normally i wanted to open it again and hear other peoples' thought and views on this!

    Yes, i watched the video and to be honest with you that whole thing about the attack on the Pentagon had been staged. As i am watching the video there was a still image of the 8F hole in the wall. A a spot where the airplane struck first....8 foot hole???? Where is the wreckage? The wings? The LANDING GEAR never melts!! The only thing that survives the impact and the heat - that has not been found either. No part of the airplane has ever been found! Hmm!

    Other thing; the security camera never cought an airplane in its frame. Why? How many FPS does it take? 1? Or the airplane was trying to break the sound barrier!! Or maybe it was something else travleing at much higher speeds? What could it be?:biggrin:

    There is a certain group of people in US government that majority of US people are not aware of! They are destroying this country.
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    I find it offensive and reprehensible that you are trying to have this topic "discussed" in a public forum such as this. The fact is that an airliner full of people crashed into the pentagon, and that's all there is to it. There was no government plot to allow this to happen, there wasn't some fake airliner that plowed into the building, and the airliner definitely WASN'T empty.

    Taking supposedly disparate facts and trying to weave them into an elaborate conspiracy is not productive or useful, it's an insult to the people that died on that day, AND the people that are working day and night to keep your butt safe from repeated attacks.

    This topic should be immediately locked or at least relegated to the "Conspiracies and Debunking" area. :mad:
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    Re-starting locked threads is also not permitted here. When we say it's locked, it's LOCKED.
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    Also, flagrant, repeated, violations of forum guidelines will result in loss of privilages to post here.
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