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People compare someone with a donkey

  1. Aug 14, 2008 #1
    Not only in English do I see people compare someone with a donkey, in my native language it too is used the same

    Why does someone compare me with a donkey ? I think I am pretty smart
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  3. Aug 14, 2008 #2
    Re: Donkey

    Donkeys are quite smart infact...

    Its probably the fact that they are or can be very stubborn.
  4. Aug 14, 2008 #3
    Re: Donkey

    Why do you think it is stubborn ? it doesn't accept to do what someone tells it, that is not stubborn, only refusing.
  5. Aug 14, 2008 #4
    Re: Donkey

    Believe me, they are stubborn, I have two...
  6. Aug 14, 2008 #5
    Re: Donkey

    donkeys are cool...
  7. Aug 14, 2008 #6
    Re: Donkey

    maybe the only reason they called you that is because someone called 'them' that before---don't worry about if you can---often people call other people names is because of 'projection' ---look it up on wiki
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