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People help student with internet problem

  1. Jan 1, 2005 #1
    I don't know why sometimes when I just log on the internet, I see at the bottom right corner a small icon give me a yellow message
    ~~ speed 52.0 Mbps ~~
    But some times it gives me
    ~~ speed 10.0 Mbps ~~
    and sometimes 128.0 Kbps only

    What do those values mean ? Isn't it weird because they change all the time even though I have the same numbers given by internet service provider ?

    Thanks and Bye bye.

    PS...Sorry i am no good at computer, I don't know how to use the terminology correctly...Plz helpo me anyway :wink:
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    That's the speed at which your modum transfers data (per second). It may be based on lots of thing like : how many people getting online, how fast your computer is, how much RAM your computer has,... And therefore it always changes.
    Speed 52.0 Mbps, and speed 10.0 Mbps are fast.
    Speed 128.0 Kbps is so so.
    Bye bye,
    Hope it help,
    Viet Dao,
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    Thank you vietdao29,
    but my dad told me that we are put in a hub in which at the time we log on, we have to compete a place for a stand, if we are late, we will be assigned small number, it we are fast, we get the biger one, and of course if we are average, we can use only 10.
    My dad and I aint computerist, we don't know anything, just a guess anyway...
    Do you or anyone have any ideas ? hmm ?

    Thanks and Byebye :wink:
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    I am not very sure about that really... Why don't you consider search on Google for some information? It's the best way to gain some knowledge.
    But I think it mostly depends on the number of people getting online. The more people, the slower your connection speed is.
    Viet Dao,
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