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People who are Studying Astrophysics - Are there many Women?

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    Curious to know.
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    Those you find teaching in colleges and universities have knowledge and technical skills other than just Astrophysics. You will find these women also teach other parts of Physics and they are just as knowledgeable as any PhD person teaching whatever they teach - outside of JUST Astrophysics.
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    The question should be "Are there many women?" not "Is" there many Women?
    English Grammar....usually comes before Astrophysics :)
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    Always has to be that one smart a** to correct a minimal grammatical error. I was in a rush to get this up and wasn't thinking about having a PERFECTLY presented title.

    BTW I have a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing so i'm not as daft as you think i am :)
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    Great Degree! I know I was being a smart A.. :) Just having a little fun, meant no harm. Trin
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    I apologize for the rude reply. My sense of humour is off today lol
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    Totally okay...I have those days too! Thanks for forgiving me, I was probably not very kind. Trin
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