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Perceived motion

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    when floating on back, with eyes closed, I always feel as if my body is rotating slowly but steadily clockwise, but upon opening my eyes discover it has not moved. I have tried this in 2 swimming pools, a lake, the ocean--both far out & close to shore. The direction of water entering pool, waves, wakes, currents, etc have no effect on it. Does right handedness have anything to do with it? (neuro ) or being in the northern hemisphere? (geophysics) would I perceive counterclockwise motion in the southern hemisphere? It is perplexing--any ideas?
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    Have you discussed this with other people, right or left handed, to see if they perceive the same thing. I would suspect this is a personal matter, perhaps a slight imbalance in the inner ear rather than having to do with "handedness" or hemisphere.
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