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Homework Help: Percent of energy lost?

  1. Oct 31, 2006 #1
    percent of energy lost???

    I'm confused... I have a case where block 1 moves with certain velocity, hits block 2 (that is at rest) and sticks to it - inelastic collision. Now, the problem is that I have to find the percent of energy (kinetic) that the first block has lost. I know that the formula is [(K initial - K final)/K(initial)]*100, but wha I'm wandering about is whether K(final) should include the mass of block 2 or not?
    They are actually one mass after collision, but the question asks for the lost of energy of block 1. Can you somehow explain this to me? Thank you!
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    Yeah, calculate the final kinetic energy with the combined mass.
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    Thanks, I got it right!
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