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Percent of Sexual Offenders

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    I've heard a lot about the types of people who are sexual offenders, but how much of the population do they comprise? Not just the correctional population, I mean the total population of residents. I don't know where to find this, and am unsure if it can be found since (as far as I have read) the vast majority of sex offense goes unreported (90% of child sexual abuse is unreported). The focus is on the victim (we have the most info on them of course), but what about the offenders? Are a lot of males sexual offenders? A small portion? I agree that we can only estimate, but I'd still like one if anyone has a well supported one. What are we teaching the majority of our boys?

    btw, I've noticed in the sexual offender registry that there are virtually no asians. Are they a very small portion of the U.S. population? Are they also less inclined to sexual abuse?

    http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4651059" [Broken]
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    Comment on this topic:
    This is of interest to me because as I (and experts on this topic) see it, the problem is in society and culture - what we learn and reinforce for each other. In this case, what we teach each other about men/women, sex, worldviews/ways of understanding our world, status, and other social aspects. As I understand it, sexual offenses are due in large part to the attitude towards women and the way this attitude is condoned either through silence or participation, e.g. if you are hanging out with a bunch of guys that are simply catcalling, or making comments about a girls body behind her back or to her face, or insulting a woman by calling her btch, whre, etc, or guys who are forcing themselves on girls - there are degrees of sexual abuse and subtler ways of revealing attitudes. Do you say something at the first example, or do you wait longer? Do you perceive the first example as harmless or is it an example of how our society thinks of women as sexual objects? Also, the ideas about ones own desires and wants, e.g. we live in a "me" society where whatever "I" want "I" must and should get. Prevention of sexual offense has to do with these issues. Which got me thinking, exactly how many men have learned these attitudes well enough to act on them?
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    Well what do you mean by "most". I think you'd probably end up actually meeting one or two per city if you lived there all your life on average in an average city.

    My uncle (and he's one of those uncles who acts like he knows everything... but he really does seem to know everything and is right on everything in the end) says theres huge concentrations of sexual predators in schools as teachers. Not that theres anything wrong with teachers, but if you're some pervert who likes young boys, well heres a job with a constant rotation of them that could always use a seemingly enthusiastic new applicant.

    As for the roots of say, older sexual predators... i dont know... probably a combonation of things.
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    we have the most information on victims, since the culprits aren't always caught or identified correctly.

    I agree that there is a combinatation of factors, I think our attitudes ennable sexual offenses. Population density seems to be another factor, since you are less likely to be shunned in a large city where nobody knows your business.
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    Interesting you should say that Pen. I have a cousin who was busted for feeling up a 14 or 15 year old boy. We then found out for sure that he was gay. We always suspected it, but there was proof. What do you suppose he did for a living? That's right, he was a grade school teacher. I don't know how he got mixed up with the teenager, obviously he wasn't a student. As far as I know, this teenager knew exactly what he was doing and was not an 'easy target' so to speak. Not mentally challenged or anything like that. I don't know if this fits into your demographic or not but I thought it was worth mentioning. Now here comes the hate mail from teachers everywhere. :frown:
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    Let's throw some math into the mix.
    If anybody know's the following, we can derive the percent which sex offenders compromise.

    A) How many individual sex offenders have been convicted in the United States
    B) The population of adults in the United States, how many of those are male, and how many are female.
    C) How many sex offenders have NOT been officially caught and convicted yet.
    D) What percent of sex offenders don't get convicted in a particular case.

    C would equal 0.9 * (D/100), assuming that 90% of offences dont get reported.

    The rest are fairly easy to derive either in the form of a percent or a number, but im too lazy to google for them or derive them from other figures. I'll be more than happy to try to work out the math :tongue2: Good ol' algebra.

    By the way, im assuming the goal here is to find out how many sex offenders there are, including the ones that have not been convicted / caught yet.
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    What I have from the
    "[URL [Broken] Department of Justice
    Office of Justice Programs
    Bureau of Justice Statistics[/URL]

    Sex Offenses and Offenders:
    An Analysis of Data on Rape
    and Sexual Assault

    By Lawrence A. Greenfeld
    BJS Statistician
    "[URL [Broken]
    February 1997, NCJ-163392[/URL]

    Measuring the extent of sex offending

    * In 1994 and 1995 a third of the victims said that the
    rape/sexual assault victimization was reported to a law
    enforcement agency.

    On a given day [/b]about 234,000 offenders convicted of rape or
    sexual assault are under the care, custody, or control of
    corrections agencies.[/b] About 60% of these sex offenders are
    under conditional supervision in the community.

    Figure 8. Estimated number of arrests for forcible rape
    and other sex offenses, 1980-95

    --Year---Forcible rape---other sex offenses --Total U.S. population


    Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 1995

    Convicted persons under
    correctional supervision
    50 million
    Violent offenders under
    correctional supervision
    1.2 million

    *In 1994 there were an estimated 88,100 sex offenders
    incarcerated in State prisons nationwide, accounting for about

    Offenders in State prison
    Number of victims-------All violent------Rape-----sexual assault

    2 or more---------------------------23.9%--------14.1%-----21.2%

    Other info that may be helpful:
    The per capita rate of arrest for forcible rape or sexual
    assault in 1995, 50.3 per 100,000 residents, was the same as
    that in 1983.

    * About 1 in 20 filings for a violent felony in the 75 largest
    counties in 1992 was for rape.

    * Since 1980 the average annual growth in the number of
    prisoners has been about 7.6%. The number of prisoners
    sentenced for violent sexual assault other than rape increased
    by an annual average of nearly 15%--faster than any other
    category of violent crime and faster than all other categories
    except drug trafficking.

    *Even with the comparatively higher growth rate of prisoners
    serving time for sexual assault, the absolute increase in their
    numbers between 1980 and 1994 was from 7,300 to 54,300,
    accounting for just under 8% of the total increase in the State
    prison population over the period.

    Other sources:
    http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4651059" [Broken]
    only 10% sexual abuse reported according to guests on show (can't remember source they cited).
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    http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/abstract/cvusst.htm" [Broken]

    "[URL [Broken] incidents -191,350
    only one victim - 97.9% [/URL]

    the majority of sexual offenders have only one victim (as far as we can tell), so the reported number of incidents would be close to the number of offenders. Multipy that number by 3 since only a third are reported (according to surveys) and round up since not all of it will even then be covered, including the 90% of sexual offenses against children that go unreported.

    US population as of 2005 = 297,700,000
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    http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/sssor01.pdf" [Broken]

    • About 386,000 convicted sex
    offenders were registered in 49
    States and the District of Columbia
    as of February 2001, compared to
    277,000 registered in April 1998.

    Or do we multiply this number by 3?
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    Info from marine corps
    Every 2 minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted. (2000 National Crime Victimization Survey)

    Sexual Assault in Society
    Wisconsin Teen Survey—2000
    18 % said if a guy buys a girl dinner, he has the right to have sex with her
    42% believe if a girl or guy have been drinking & are a little drunk, it isn’t sexual assault if he forces her to have sex
    44% believe if there was prior consensual sex, it is not assault if he forces her later
    48% said that if a female consented and then later changed her mind and he had sex with her anyway, it wasn’t assault

    Boston High School Student Survey—2002
    7% of males ok to force female to have sex on a date
    11% ok if girl was drunk
    15% ok to use force if girl consented and then changed mind
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    I think that doesn't mean the situation is alot better in Asia. Perhaps asian governments have a control on the websites, I mean they simply block this kind of sites.
    Anyway I think that's a good subject you've chosen!:smile:

    PS You know I've not read this thread carefully.(going through your links...) So correct me if I'm missing something here, please!:redface:
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    Source? Were those the ACTUAL questions? I just find it almost impossible to believe that ANYONE would think its ok to force a female to have sex on a date. I also think its insane for someone to think dinner means sex in return.... I have very very very low expectations for people in general but damn... even I can't believe that...

    The one about the female changing her mind after consenting while sober is something I agree with though. That's like letting someone drive you somewhere since you don't have a car and then in the middle of the trip, calling the cops and saying you're being kidnapped.

    Actually I take that back, I agree if she decided she didnt want to AFTER they already had sex but if she says no DURING, then it is assault if he keeps going.
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    I'm referring to statistics in America...where there are fewer asians. I don't think they have a sex offender registry there. My friend checked the registry, there were a few sex offenders right down the street, next to the high school his sisters attend. Strange, there were more offenders in the small city where I go to school than in my hometown of Long Beach, CA.
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    I can believe that's the way some people think, even in "this day and age." Not sure it's always about sex either, I hear a lot of talk about the psychological desire for control rather than the sexual desire. So forcing sex on someone who gets you riled up is different than doing the same to some random person in a parking garage (a place where a large number of rapes occur).
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    Yep, that's really strange!:bugeye:
  17. Jan 6, 2006 #16
    Jeeves wasn't much help, but here's some other stats -
    Five U.S. Cities with the most registered sex offenders

    1. Los Angeles 21,000 offenders
    2. New York City 7,000 offenders
    3. Detroit 1,200 offenders
    4. Houston 950 offenders
    5. Chicago 940 offenders
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