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Percentage homework help

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    Hai Expert
    I am confused to solve the maths problem as follows . Please help.
    Two numbers are respectively 15% and 25% more than a third number. What percent is the first of the second ?

    Thanks and Regards
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    Call the numbers x,y and z.

    You're given that:
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    Hmm. Isn't it,
    y=1.25z :confused:

    And then:

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    This is correct. Galileo, please read the question carefully.
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    Pardon me curious! But where exactly was Galileo wrong?

    -- AI
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    Assuming that z is the "third number" referenced in the first post, saying that x = 0,15z implies that x is 85% smaller than z...
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    I thought danne and galileo gave the same thing ?
    My mistake ... should read before the dots carefully ....
    Sincere apologies curious!

    -- AI
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