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Percentage of NH3?

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    Percentage of NH3???

    Recently I've done an experiment and we are required to determine the percentage NH3 in the complex by mass.

    I had no problem doing the experiment but stuck in the calculation part

    Really hope someone can help me here!!! >.<

    The experiment was done by titration, the complex we used is... (CuSO4*5H2O + H2O + NH3 + ethanol + acetone) - sorry I don't know how I should call this @.@ But those are the things we used to make that complex...

    First I dissolved 0.2g of the complex with 25mL H2O, & 31.05mL of standardized 0.1M HCl was used to titrate it. Then we are required to find "%NH3"......

    Can someone please kindly tell me (at least the formula that I need to use) to calculate the percentage NH3???? :'(

    Thanks so much!!! :shy:
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    My best guess is that your complex is tetrammine copper(II) sulfate - [Cu(NH3)4]SO4.H2O

    Was it deep blue in color? Did you have to make the crystals by evaporation?
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