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Perception of yellow color

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    It is a matter of fact that the perception of the yellow color occurs when the red and green sensitive-cones in human eyes are stimulated. I am interested to know whether this perception of the yellow color at the level of the brain happens instantaneously once the relevant parts of the brain are exited?

    For example, let`s put a small white object (such as white LED) in front of eyes, with a red filter in front of one eye and a green filter in front of the other eye. Will the person recognize the color of the object to be yellow just after the optical stimulus reaching the corresponding part of the cerebral cortex, or after a lapse of time that may be required for a sort of communication or comparison of colors between the two cerebral hemispheres?
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    No. Look up binocular colour rivalry.
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    Binocular color rivalry works when there are two completely different images presented for two eyes, while my example is the same image presented to the two eyes but in different colors.
    So, again my questions:
    1) Will the brain percerive a yellow color from two identical images from each eye, one is red and the other is green?
    2) Will that perception, if any, be instantaneously once the optical impulses reaching the corresponding area in the two hemispheres?
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    No it doesn't
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    As far I my knowledge it doesn't.
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