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Perfect case

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    India, Madhras: Mr.Samuel Griffin was a pilot of small plane in 80`s of 20century. He has an unknown problem and his plane crashed. But Mr.Griffin corpse has never been found (destroyed plane was found and investigated by police. You can verify this story with Indian police. Second part is also documented: personal doctor of British general Cunnigham has written books about military campaings in India in 80`s and 90`s of 19century, in which he participated. Now I forget the book name:frown: I will remember... However you can simply find it. I tracked the book to Congress Library, on example. And the doctor wrote about paratrooper (miracle in end of 19century, isn`t?!) which introduce himself as Mr.Samuel Griffin, who lost his plane in mysterious accident in far future.
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    Do you have any links to this story?


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    No, I´ve not any link. Original story I`ve seen aprox.5years ago and it was in any book about mysteries. However, I remembered the author: it was dr.H.B.W Garrick. He wrote "Report of a tour in the Panjâb and Râjpûtâna in 1883-84. By Mr. H.B.W. Garrick ... under the superintendence of General A. Cunningham" ... Available in Congress Library,on example. But reference to his interview with Mr.Griffin is in his memoires from (I`dont know exact name of the memoire book). Let be a bit detective...

    Also documented jump to future exists. In 1887 one man in London disappeared when lightning hit his house. Police and his wife searched him unsuccessfully. In 1944 was London bombed by nazi missiles V2. One V2 hit the place where the man in 1887 disappeared. After the explosion was in ruins man dressed in victorian style, absolutely shocked and desoriented. He was suspicious as nazi spy and internated. In internation camp he was found by doctor, who known the 1887 mystery vanishing. So medical record about the man exists.
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    I would be highly skeptical until I thoroughly investigated all the sited information. Exaggeration and bald-faced lying, just to sell books, isn't unknown.

    The failure to find a body at a crash would be quite common, with causes of an entirely mundane origin. The documentation from the 1890's would be extremely important to confirm.
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