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Perfect Differential

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    Hey, I'd really appreciate if you could read the following transcription from my textbook and let me know what exactly a perfect differential is, because I have no idea!


    W = q [tex]\int \textbf{E} . \textbf{dr}[/tex] [ the work done in moving a charge q (sorry about the formatting, it's meant to all be one line)]

    ... can be written as the 'perfect differential' d(-1/r) when E is given by Coulomb's Law:

    d(-1/r) = [tex]\frac{\textbf{r} . \textbf{dr}}{r^{3}}[/tex]


    Cheers guys,
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    Hi Andrew! :smile:

    (have an integral: ∫ :wink:)

    I means that it has an easy anti-derivative:

    E.dr = ∫ r.dr / r3 = ∫ d(r2/2) / (r2)3/2 = … :smile:
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