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Perfect square?

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    perfect square???

    hello everyone! i have come accross an on-going research onDETERMINING A PERFECT SQUARE GIVEN A DIFFERENCE . However, I have a feeling that this was not an original one.

    the researcher used the Pythagorean theorem to arrive at his so called "theorem".

    would anyone give me a reference on some related studies. thank you very much!
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    I don't know how anyone could say if there are "related studies" since you don't tell what the "study" is. In particular "DETERMINING A PERFECT SQUARE GIVEN A DIFFERENCE " could refer to any number of things. It might help if you gave a link to the website (if it was a website) or other reference.
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    what i mean is that are there other "studies/past studies on this kind of topic" actually, i haven't browsed any sites of other studies such as this. anway, if you have some, i hope you could share me the site. thank you very much!
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