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Performance Bottleneck?

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    I know this may be like calling the power company to let them know there is a power outage while they are scrambling around to fix the generators but ...

    I seem to be getting a bottleneck that lasts as long as 12 - 15 seconds either

    "Connecting to oascentral.sciam.com"


    "Transferring Data www.google-analytics.com"

    Needles to say it degrades my enjoyment of the site.
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    Jonathan Scott

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    I too am seeing occasional holdups of several seconds where the foot of the screen refers to something about google-analytics.com.
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    It is intermittent, as right now I am not getting much delay, though at times earlier it was every page serve.

    Edit: No sooner did I write that than it took 11 seconds to see this message post.
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    hmmm perhaps google had some issues earlier. I haven't had any problems with those scripts.
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