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Performance enhancement

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    Hi all,

    I have been thinking about an interesting concept.

    I have the laptop version of the 7800go and I know that most programs don't support laptop versions of GPU and hence most programs use them inefficiently and this results in poor performance.

    I have come up with a few solution to this problem.
    - Write your own driver (out of my skill set)
    - Tweak the graphics card performance through the operation window.

    I'm sure the internet has a lot of 'magic' programs that claim to improve performance but instead add spyware and other malicious software.

    But does anyone have any good suggestions?

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    Its usually not the fault of the hardware at all. Most of the time you get better performance with an efficiently written driver.
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    Other than games, most programs do not utilize the graphical power of the processor. Nvidia is really pushing hard to open up its processors for program usage. GPU's are great at tasks that can be massively paralleled. Supposedly the new version of Photoshop will take advantage of Nvidia GPU's, though I do not know if it is just going to be newer desktop GPU's, or if it will include mobile and older cards and integrated chipsets as well.

    If you want to write a program to take advantage of your GPU, Nvidia has released something called CUDA, a C interface for compiling GPU programs. I think it only supports newer chips.
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    I'm not sure if this helps...
    Use at your own risk:
    http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9243 [Broken]
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