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Perhaps gravity is not space-time curvative, and spacetime is nondynamical

  1. Nov 27, 2006 #1
    Perhaps gravity is not space-time curvative, and background independence not needed, and spacetime is infinitely divisible.

    What's the difference between stating that gravity is a manifestation of local spacetime geometry, and

    gravity is a particle field of gravitons, moving across an eternal, timeless, shapeless, non-dynamic, inert minkowski type background, that interacts with everything, including matter and energy, in a curved-path manner? time dilation is the result of gravity fields interacting with fermions/bosons, not curved spacetime.

    how do we know that spacetime geometry is dynamical independent of its effects on fermions and bosons? perhaps gravitational lensing is not the result of curvative but gravity-particles.
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