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Perhaps this is trig?

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    im trying to write a program to determine target motion analysis, the problem im having is determining how to get my computer to understand what side the 2 objects are on. heres an example. say im a boat heading 300, so a little north west, and i have a contact on my right side, i need my program to be able to determine that its on my right side, so his possible bearings are 301degrees past 0 though 120 degrees which would be all on my right side. how can i write this to be solved ? with a simple if statement the numbers get skewed because my number set is restart again at 0 (301-359, 0-120). and the kicker of it is i need to be able to solve this problem when my heading is possilby 0-360 degrees.....


    i know i can explain this better but im having problems understanding how to approach it myself
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    Relative_bearing = Bearing - Heading;
    if Relative_bearing < 0 then Relative_bearing = relative_bearing + 360;
    if Relative_bearing < 180 then side = right; else side = left;
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