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Homework Help: Period of an oscillation

  1. Nov 20, 2011 #1
    Ok so i am doing a lab...and i graphed my data points and my slope turned out to be negative.
    The y-axis is in Newtons and the x-axis is in Meters.
    So my teacher said the the slope=k (constant)
    period of an oscillation formula: T=2pi(m/k)^1/2
    But my k is negative so when i substitute all my numbers, i get a "Nonreal answer"
    What did i do wrong?
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    You said this was a prac, and you were plotting the results.

    What instrument were you using to measure the [Force, in] Newtons;

    What instrument were you using to measure the metres;

    that you eventually plotted?

    What experiment were you actually doing? A pendulum? A mass on a spring? A mass in an inertial balance?
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