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Period of Rotation

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    Don't know if this has been asked before, but....do we know the period of Earth's rotation at its uppermost ionosphere compared to, say, period of rotation at its polar crust?
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    Not sure I understand the question; I believe the upper atmosphere and lower atmosphere have the same period of rotation as the crust, which is about 24hrs. This period remains the same at the equator as it is at the poles.

    Was that what you were asking?
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    The earth at its crust rotates at a period of some 23 hrs 54'. By an independant study I find that its uppermost ionosphere rotates at a period of exactly 24 hrs, indicating a slippage due perhaps to a difference in density between tha 2 extremes. I'm wondering what formal studies there might be to describe a differential in rotation at various levels of the air mass.
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