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Periodic cubic splines

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    I'm working on a problem, but I don't really understand how to solve it.

    I'm given a number of (xi,yi) co-ordinates, and need to find the cubic spline with periodic boundary conditions that interpolate them, s(x). Then I need to find the value of s(t) where t is a specific value x0<t<xn, and also all the values of s"(xi).

    (I'm intentionally leaving off the specific values, i want to know how to solve the problem, but not be given the solution for the problem)

    What I'm having a problem with is that neither my textbook (Elementary Numerical Analysis 3ed, Atkinson), does not really go over periodic boundaries, nor can I find any sort of algorithm for solving a spline function by hand online. I need a step-by-step approach.
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