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Homework Help: Periodic Table Game

  1. Nov 13, 2004 #1
    Periodic Table Game Project HELP!

    I have a Science project due. I am a little gridlocked....
    I would like to incorporate a mystery type game to this. What I have is the board and rules, but I need questions. 4 sets.

    Story (For those who have completed GTA: San Andreas, you may recognize some of the scenarios):
    In the vast deserts of Nevada, lies a top secret, government funded, military installation, that "doesn't exist." The installation goes by the code name Area-94

    One day, an armed group parachuted in the area and snuck down to the testing chambers of the military installation where the scientists were working on a project code-named, The Black Project. This base housed a wide range of elements needed to make the Black Project succeed. The armed groups stole the key element to making this project work. Unfortunatly, the element is very leathal.

    You must use clues given to figure out what element it was.

    I have an idea of 4 catagorys. If anyone can come up with better ones, please let me know!

    Periodic Table CLues
    Element Clues
    Compounds and Formulas
    Families and Groups

    The Prize Question:
    Use your knowledge of the Periodic Table to answer the following question.

    The Mystery Element, is radioactive. It is located in Period 7.
    This element has 94 protons.
    What element is it?

    Answer: Plutonium

    The cards can be:
    |Question: Bla blobs bla bla? |
    |Answer: BLOBBYBLA! |
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    PLEASE HELP!!! Please!? Please!
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    I don't quite get what you want... So are you asking help to give questions/clues that point to the answer "plutonium"? Or in another words, do you want information on "plutonium"?
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    No, the poster already has the info on plutonium. If I understand correctly, he/she wants us to come up with four sets of questions, in each of the four different categories, that would allow whoever is playing the game to deduce what the "mystery" element is. However, there are many things that don't make sense to me:

    Don't your categories overlap? What's the difference between periodic table clues, and 'families and groups'? Families and groups are features of the periodic table. In fact, how would "element clues" differ from periodic table clues?

    Also, why do you need four sets of questions just to figure out that the mystery element is plutonium, especially since you were able to come up with just one question (the 'prize question') that completely gives away the answer? What is the "prize" question anyway? I'm just a bit confused, so if you could explain more clearly what it is that you need, we'd be able to help. Thanks. :smile:
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    Lol, Well I have a game board I can use, and i was going to have the final question.....but it just seems too difficult....

    See our projects ae worth different points. Mystery games will get the most points, and card games get the lowest points.

    I wanted to have a mystery elemen game. Having questions about the periodic table, then finaly a very hard question that would be answered with the knowledge you gained from playing the game.... I already got some questions.....if you want to read them lemme know and ill copy paste them
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