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Periodic Table of Videos

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    From the University of Nottingham, a video series on the 118 elements.

    Their website:

    And their YouTube channel:

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    I remember a periodic table from what I believe was elementary school. Each element had an actual picture of the element in it's elemental form. You can imagine, the far right side was very boring. Just looked like a bunch of empty vials supposedly containing the nobel gasses. Most likely, they actually were empty!!
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    Thank-you for the link. That will be fun for my daughter!
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    excellent post i really appreciate this :P it'll keep me interested!
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    Thanks for sharing these helpful links. I have found one more site mchmultimedia(dot)com. It also provides online help for science students.
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    This seems to be a commercial site. However, I did notice some free tools on this page:

    http://mchmultimedia.com/store/chemistry-online-help.php [Broken]

    The one I looked at seemed to be a simple swf app embedded in an html file. It tried to 'phone home' when I used it, though... hmmm.
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