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Periods were all irregular for months after shot

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    I wasn't sure where's best to post this, its a serious thread.... maybe bio would've been better, but i figure moonbear is always in GD too... so, i'm not really sure who i'm expecting to answer my questions... but i've talked to my mum, and some girlfriends... not so helpful. i've also googled... but ya... so just in case someone here can help.. i'll try.

    So, two questions or topics i guess.
    First, during my period i get wicked knee pain. I thought it was sort of random, but then i've started physical therapy lately, and my therapist asked "do you get knee pain during your period?" and i was like, "holy, ya i do, tons, it hurts so bad..." and i went on about the pain, and never thought to ask if it was normal or why it happens. i will ask her when i see her next... but i'm on my period now, so i'd rather know now...

    Second, and maybe this is really too general. cause i've looked at a few articles and they're all over the place, but birthcontrol and your period... effects? i went off the pill and then didn't have a period for 2 and a half months. My friend was on the shot, and her periods were all irregular for months after. We both were formerly very regular girls. No one ever mentioned anything about it to me before i went on the pill, and i talked to my doc about it a lot. i even took the low dose cause i was worried about side effects. i mean, maybe it was just stress for both of us... or something i dunno... but i'm wary, hormones went in, then weird stuff happened... i hate medicines for exactly that reason....

    anyways.... i need to get another ice pack, some midol, and some chocolate, else i'll be cranky!
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    Is this a PG (-13?) forum?
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    I read "Masturbation". :tongue2: What a dissapointment. :headbang:

    One advice,honey,get pregnant,there's no better cure... :tongue2:

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    When a woman's on the blob, these are not the kind of thing you wanna say. :biggrin:

    Gale, my ex used to get terrible joint pains when she was PMTing. Doc said it was likely to be the PMT inducing water retention, which in turn put pressure on the nerve endings. He put her on anti-inflammatories, and I think they talked about diuretics too.

    Have some more chocolate. :smile:
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    i didn't say anything that was inappropriate. what makes it not PG????? there have been way worse things said then a serious question about a woman's period.

    Daniel, get your head out of the gutter!! i haven't posted about masturbating in ages. and i just missed a period thanks. that was stressful enough, i'm 17, i don't want a baby just yet, especially when there's no daddy to speak of! must be nice though to be so detached from femine problems though.

    i didn't think of that brewndog. perhaps that makes sense. I'm wondering if knees in particular are significant, since my therapist asked. or maybe because i have so many leg problems... i don't know. i'll have to ask her. i hate it though, once a month i sprawl on the bathroom floor and writhe in pain, screaming for ice packs and heating pads, and then stressing about whether to put it on my back or knees, or what. BAH!

    its a good thing we just bought a ton of hershey's bars for s'mores. i'm eating them up...
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    Supplements for joint inflammation

    If my knees were regularly getting inflamed, I would take supplements that are known to protect against inflammation.

    • Nettle Leaf
    • S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe)
    • Nexrutine
    • 5-Loxin
    • Ginger
    • Glucosamine
    • Chondroitin Sulfate
    • Willow Bark
    • Omega-3-Oils (Omega-3-Fatty Acids)
    • Antioxidants
    • Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)
    • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
    BAC and iHerb are two internet sources for cheap supplements.

    [EDIT (6:15 PM 6/7/2005):]
    [END EDIT]

    I would also consume a variety of Italian and Indian culinary herbs and spices, especially turmeric (this has to be eaten with black pepper to allow your body to absorb its important flavonoid curcumin). These tend to contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. You can find these at low cost in the bulk section of your local natural foods store.
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    Okay, the knee pain is a new one to me, so I can't really help there. I'd have to ask my ob/gyn friends (though if DaveC is around, his wife might be able to give an answer faster than I could get around to running into the ob/gyn folks).

    As for menstrual irregularities while on the pill...did you really mean while ON the pill, or at some point after stopping it?
    I think you were referring to menstrual irregularity after stopping using the pill. That is normal. Your body takes a little time to readjust to needing to produce hormones on its own again after removing the outside control (via the pill) of them, so it can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months, as an average range, to become regular again, if you were regular to begin with (some women are never very regular). If you are at all sexually active during this time, be especially careful because the irregularity can make it difficult to realize you're pregnant.

    While ON the pill, your cycles should be VERY regular because they should be regulated by the pill. Your menstrual flow may be much lighter while on the pill and not last as long as if you were not taking it, but it should happen like clockwork, once every 28 days. If you're irregular while on the pill, check with your gynecologist. You may not be responding to it properly (and use extra protection if you engage in intercourse; if the pill isn't working, you're not protected against pregnancy as well as you might think you are).

    As for your friend getting "the shot," I assume you mean Depo Provera. That works differently than the pill, so on that, a woman generally doesn't have periods at all, but may have some irregular bleeding. Again, if your friend has any questions or suspects something doesn't seem quite right compared to what was explained should happen, she should call her gynecologist and make sure everything is okay. As the Depo Provera loses effectiveness, but is still circulating in low doses, it seems reasonable to me that would disrupt cycle length but possibly not be sufficient to disrupt ovulation and later menstruation entirely.

    Since it sounds like you have pretty bad back pain as well as leg pain, it could be that whatever pre-existing condition you have with your knee that you're seeking physical therapy for is being aggravated by the prostaglandins released during menstruation (that's what gives you that crampy feeling; they're the same class of compounds that are involved in inflammatory responses). Do anti-inflammatories relieve the pain? (i.e., does your Midol work for your knee as well as your back?) And does the knee pain worsen at the same time your back pain appears, or does it start at a different time relative to the back pain? Like I said, I don't really know the answer to that one, but maybe understanding more precisely the timing of it, we could figure out some likely culprits.

    Was the pain any less when you were on the pill? There are a lot of women who go on the pill not just as a contraceptive but because it reduces a lot of their PMS symptoms (acne, severe cramping, moodiness).
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    How do you ALWAYS write so much about everything? What are you a walking encyclopedia?
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    yes moonbear, i meant the irregularity came after the pill... i think i said that... and thanks, i wasn't positive going off the pill would cause irregularities, and i was VERY stressed when i missed a month since i'd always, ALWAYS been regular. i've been taking pregnancy tests like a madwoman. i think my doctor should've mentioned that before i went on the pill. When i went on the pill, i was basically assured nothing would be different at all, and especially no after effects. grrr...

    anyways, yes the knee pain comes exactly when i get the back pains. thats what makes it so horrible. the back pain starts, and then my knees get sore, and i just collapse and curl into the fetal position. i'm probably a bit of a drama queen though...

    and yes, my pain was less on the pill... that was one of the reasons i went on the pill. i'm very not into taking pills or medicines. i don't like the idea of putting things into my body. i don't usually even take midol, but sometimes i have to in order to function at all. i prefer herbal treatments, but my mums teas and stuff don't always do the trick... plus many of them taste nasty.

    Thanks for the response though, maybe its the milkshake i just had, or something, but i'm suddenly feeling quite euphoric and appreciative to talk to a sane woman... (my mum is pre menopausal... UGH...)
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    :rofl: Remember, my area of research is reproduction. I always have plenty to say on that topic. When I taught med students, I'd always get one or two coming up after class to ask these same types of questions (though always about "a friend" :wink:), so I have ready answers for those questions.
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    Professionally as well?
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    Yeah, I think I just read that part too quickly.

    At the least, they should have mentioned it when you went off the pill. Of course the stress can make you even more irregular.

    Well, then the main thing that comes to mind are the prostaglandins. Darn nasty little chemicals our bodies make. Wish I had a definite answer for you. Next time you see your physical therapist, ask...I want to know too now.

    If you're taking any other medications, or if you go back on the pill, check with your doctor before using any herbal treatments. Some won't really do anything (though just hot tea might be relaxing to sip regardless of whether it has any medicinal value), but the ones that really do have active ingredients in them could interfere with the effectiveness of the pill, or cause drug interaction problems with other things you're taking.

    Chocolate milkshake I presume? :biggrin: Ah, your mom is nearing menopause, no wonder you're having so much trouble at home! When my mom went through menopause, she had to go on HRT for ALL our sanity! :eek:
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    Smart*** :grumpy: I'm going to send the menstrual Gale over to beat you up for that.

    Unless you really didn't know that's my area of research, then I'll call her off. :tongue2:
  15. Jun 7, 2005 #14
    hah! you mightn't even have to send me, if he takes my thread off topic, i might be forced to beat him anyways... don't mess with a girls menstruation thread while she's still menstruating! i may be in crippling pain, but i assure you, when that subsides, i'd be more than willing to make someone feel as awful as me! [/death threat]

    i rarely take any medications at all, ever. most of the herbal stuff comes straight from an herbalist who knows what she's doing. she tells us if there's anything that'd interfere with meds. but again, i don't really take many anyways... cept during my time of the month...

    but ya, i'll ask my therapist... i'm curious too... hence why i asked. i'm also wondering if the work she's doing on me will help. i just saw her yesterday, and she rolfed me, and then my period magically shows up... but prostaglandins eh? so would the supplements hitsquad mentioned be worth looking into? if prostaglandins cause inflamation, and those supplements prevent that... hmmm

    Yes, as if having one female in the house with issues wasn't enough... Worst part is, i think she doesn't want to be menopausal... she's totally in denial. Today was my 'rents silver anniversary, and she's all happy and making dinner, (a rarity!) and then she couldn't get the grill lit, so she freaked out, and started getting really upset, and my dad was like "did you turn it on?" and she tweaked and got red faced and mad... i was like, "god, wicked mood swing mum..." and she got even madder... then we're eating, and she's like, "its so hot in here, open some windows, i'm sweating..." ...it was pretty cool today... so i'm like "hot flash... someone's menopausal..." and again with the freakage... OY! "I AM NOT MENOPAUSAL!" ya.. ok mum..

    frankly, this menstruating crap sucks... i won't miss it when i hit menopause...
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    Interfering with PGE2, and Paul Wakfer's regimen

    One thing you can do to give yourself more useful decision-information is look up any given supplement you are interested in on PubMed. PubMed abstracts often mention which specific inflammatory pathways a given anti-inflammatory interferes with.

    Prostaglandins get mentioned a lot there, on the LEF site, and on sci.life-extension.

    If you research the supplements that Paul Wakfer takes, you will find that many of them interfere with pro-inflammatory prostaglandins.
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    If it's just the inflammation, the Midol you're already taking should do the trick. I didn't look carefully at his list, but some of the supplements he listed are just generally intended for other joint issues, basically preventing other things that would cause irritation or inflammation. The ones I recognized immediately could help, or might not (there's mixed evidence). Someone I know gave their dog chondroitin, and it did seem to relieve joint pain so that she could walk better again (she had been limping from joint problems due to aging and loss of cartilage, and then regained a good deal of mobility with the chondroitin)...I trust the dog better than I trust people, since people can be influenced a bit by placebo effects and report improvements that really aren't there. :biggrin:

    Your doctor and physical therapist should be able to advise you specifically if any are worth trying for your specific condition/injury. If you have a torn ligament vs bone spurs vs cartilage loss vs nerve damage vs stress fractures, the approach would be different for each possible source of pain. So, on just a diagnosis of knee pain, I wouldn't be able to say what might or might not work in your case. The cause of the knee pain is what is more important for determining that.
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    You've never mentioned it. I got the impression that you're working on brain neurophysiology.

    But I would have said that anyhow.
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    I have, but probably before you arrived here. Currently my research is focused on neuroscience (neuroendocrinology to be more precise), but my overall research area is reproduction (I'm one of the few who studies the control of reproduction from the neck up rather than from the waist down).
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    This might be true in the odd case, but medical doctors are notoriously ignorant of current medical research.
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    wahoo! we're on page two on a topic about menstruation! quite a few views as well...

    anyways, the causes of knee pain i'm unsure about. i have plenty of aches and pains, but they're mild and i believe all caused by my rotated hip rotation and hyper mobileness and stuff like that.... something about my core muscles being um... too tight or something... like, my balance is all off, so certain muscles have like, been working over time? i dunno.... but she loosened them up i guess, and then my period came. so i think thats pretty cool, and i hope inductive that she's a good therapist who'll help me overall.

    i don't know why all these problems and my period are linked the way they are... i mean, i don't know why the knee pain only occurs once a month... but i'll ask my therapist i guess... i don't think its important enough to call my doctor about.

    Also... i don't have a gyno... do you think i ought? actually i don't even get those invasive test thingies done... maybe i ought get those too?
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