Permafrost Remains

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ice age cub 1.png

(Extinct Ice Age Cave Lion cub: )

What do you think are the most exciting finds to come out of thawing frozen environments, whether archaeological or paleontological?
For example the mummfied remains of Ice Age animals from the Siberian permafrost, Iron Age remains coming out of glaciers (for example these Iron Age skis: ), or beautiful Pazyryk burial fabrics, etc?

Recently I enjoyed this documentary about searching for frozen treasures in the Alps a lot:

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Ötzi, the frozen guy:
Ötzi, also called the Iceman, is the natural mummy of a man who lived some time between 3350 and 3105 BC, discovered in September 1991 in the Ötztal Alps (hence the nickname "Ötzi") on the border between Austria and Italy.

Ötzi is believed to have been murdered, due to the discovery of an arrowhead embedded in his left shoulder and various other wounds. The nature of his life and the circumstances of his death are the subject of much investigation and speculation.
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