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Permanent Magnet Pump Speed Control

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    I have a submerged magnetic water pump that is pushing too much water at 8500L/hr. I know that the propeller rpm depends on the frequency of the AC supply but how can I build a simple circuit to reduce the frequency?

    Thanks :smile:
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    Could you brief me about ur device so that I can try to figure out some way of reducing the frequency.? How does your pump work?

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    Its has a magnetic rotor that will spin when switched on, this rotor is connected to a propeller that pushes the water. I need something that can reduce the frequency of the AC supply so that the propeller will spin at a lower rpm. The best solution would be something like a rheostat where I can adjust the speed with a turn of a knob.
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    Do you know the current rating of the motor?

    I found this schematic that you might be able to use.

    http://www.electronics.50g.com/cacspeed.htm [Broken]
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    Its a small pump, rated at 17watts/230V/50Hz.

    I would need something for 230V

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    Sorry, I shouldn't assume 110/120 V.

    Not much current draw at all. That control circuit is rated at 10 A at 120V. The maximum power it can handle is 1200W. Since your motor is rated at 17 watts, it would have no problem handling the power requirements of your pump at 230V.

    A google search for "AC motor speed control" will yield lots of hits if you want to look for other circuit designs.
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