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Permanent Magnets with Comsol

  1. Apr 2, 2010 #1
    I'm trying to model two cylindrical magnets (NdFeB, Grade N42) in Comsol. I'm obtaining the force and torques exerted on each magnet due to the fields. I've done the AC/DC module tutorial for the force on the iron rod by a horseshoe magnet. I've also done a full model of the same problem, which finds the same Fx (the example only models 1/4th the system, then uses symmetry and anti-symmetry).

    When I model a small cylinder that is directly above (with a separation between) another small cylinder, I'm getting forces that do not make sense. I've tried both magnetized with same properties as the tutorial, and also one magnetized and the other made of iron like the rod in the tutorial. Since these magnets are magnetized along the axis of the cylinder and they are directly above each other, there should only be a force along the axis, and not ones in the XY plane (the plane of the flat ends). COMSOL is showing forces that are sometimes larger than the axial force.

    I'm not sure what is wrong. Modeling magnets seems pretty straight forward in COMSOL. If you are curious, I'm trying to match FEA solutions with my own numerical solution.

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