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Permission to post

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    This post is addressed to ZapperZ and Vanesch , Moderator and Mentor of Physics Forums respectively. I wish to put forward my own theory on the propagation of light and electromagnetic radiation which far from being either wave or particle in nature is (according to my theory ) in effect a symbiosis of the two. I wish to state that I have the greatest respect and regard for ZapperZ , both for his work and his dedication to his subject and for Vanesch who has submitted a paper to the Royal Society. I ask these two , I would say pivotal people , whether it is permissible to put forward my ideas here.
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    This is against the Posting Guidelines of Physics Forums. If you would like to discuss your ideas, we invite you to submit a post to the Independent Research Forum, subject to the applicable guidelines, found here.

    We appreciate your cooperation, and hope you enjoy the Forums.

    Best regards,
    The Staff of Physics Forums
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    Thank you staff of Pysics forums . I will post in the designated area , and (hope ) I am within the guidelines.
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