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Permutation word problem

  1. Jan 22, 2012 #1
    can somebody help me to know the proper way to solve this kind of problem.

    Code (Text):
    Five employees of a firm are ranked from 1 to 5
    based  on  their  ability  to  program  a  computer.
    Three  of  these  employees  are  selected  to  fill
    equivalent  programming  jobs.  If  all  possible
    choices  of  three  (out  of  the  five)  are  equally
    likely, find the following probabilities
    a  The employee ranked number 1 is selected.
    b  The  highest-ranked  employee  among  those
       selected has rank 2 or lower.
    c  The employees ranked 4 and 5 are selected.
    correct answers are as follows, 6/10 or (36/60) , 4/10 , 3/5

    the formula for probability is s/n ; where n is the total number of outcomes. I know how to get n by using 5P3 (5 ways taking 3 at a time). now, how do i get s (success outcome)? that confuses me. (I know that s(success outcome) is the number that will lock / target your condition) Thank you
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