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MATLAB Perpendicular planes in Matlab figure

  1. May 31, 2012 #1
    I've got a problem with perpendicular planes in Matlab.

    I start with a plane A and a point P in A. I calculate a plane B perpendicular to A through point P. Equation plane A: -21660x + 1036y + 4669z = 9.22e6
    Point P: [129, 46, -1925]
    If [a,b,c] is the normal vector of plane B, I choose b = 0.5 and c = 1, then calculate a by assuming the dot product of the normal vectors should be zero. This results in a = 2.4
    Substituting point P in the formula of B gives me d = 1593.

    To check if these planes are perpendicular and both cross point P, I plotted them in Matlab.
    Code (Text):
    X=0:350; Y=0:300;
    Z = (-d-a*X-b*Y)/c;

    Now these planes do not seem perpendicular to me. (They do both cross point P, not shown in the image).

    Where do I make a mistake?
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