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Perpetual Bandwagon

  1. Jan 26, 2004 #1
    You know, in the years I have spent studying, participating and observing the science's, I have seen no greater effort in the mainstream layman than with regards to "perpetual motion", myself included.
    It seems as if "new" ideas pop-up every day, some even with elaborate arangements and theories to "support" the idea.
    Most seem to work with magnets, as if some special arrangement effects continuing motion. Has ANY evidence for this been actually demonstrated? No. Do they claim that it can? Yes. Actually shown? No.
    Others seem to work with moving or static charges. OK, where can I buy it?
    Truth is, extracting useful external work from the process necessarly degrades the process to being non-perpetual.
    If the layman's efforts were rather focused on increasing "efficiency" of proven generation devices, well, then, that's another matter.
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