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Perpetual fusion

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    :surprised In normal hydrogen bomb tritium and deuterium atoms fuse and lithium-6 is used as a regenerator of tritium.I have got a new alternative in which the regenerator is produced in the reaction itself .Here is it-

    T + P => 2n + 2p {eq .taken in multiple of two}

    4p => He-4 + e+(positron) + v {Energy released}

    e+(positron) + 2n + He-3 => T + 2p

    p + e+(positron) + 2n => He-3

    Thus in whole process almost everything is recovered and until it gradually changes into energy.

    Here- (T is Triton p is proton, D is deuteron)
    (He-3 is helium nucleus of mass 3)
    (v is neutrino, He-4 is helium ion.)
    (e+ is positron {present in imaginary sphere})

    That's all please help me to correct if i am wrong.
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    Ummm . . . No!

    The fusion reaction takes place over microseconds and Li-6 if present would be rapidly consumed in D + Li6 which has a number of outcomes ->
    1. 3He + 4He + n
    2. 2 4He
    3. 1H
    4. 7Be + n

    and the p-p cycle, which fuels many stars like our sun, requires very high particle densities, which do not exist long enough in a thermonuclear explosion.

    expecting 3 or 4 particle to combine as such is unrealistic.
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    But if we carry the reaction in (positron atmosphere )...imaginary.
    THen,we have only two reactants to combine, I thought that main problem in this unrealistic rection is to combine triton and proton to form isolated neutrons and protons!
    Better if u consider it as a totally new rubbish idea!
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    The positron would more likely annhilate with an electron. He-3 would readily absorb thermal neutrons, but in the fission/fusion reaction, the neutrons are prompt and fast (> 1 MeV). I don't see 2n combining with He-3, and even if one did to form He-4, He-4 has a very, very low absorption cross-section for neutrons - it is one of the most stable nuclei.

    just isn't going to happen

    I don't understand 'imaginary sphere'! :confused:
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    Imaginary sphere means environment in which reaction is going to be carried is full of positrons.
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    If the source of positrons is - 4p => He-4 + e+(positron) + v {Energy released} - this is not going to happen in a thermonuclear explosion. There is a reason the DT and LiD reactions were selected - among them, the fact the energy release of p+p-> d+e+ is only 1.4 MeV, and another - the cross-section of pp is very low, i.e. has low probablity of occuring. http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr162/lect/energy/ppchain.html



    http://zebu.uoregon.edu/~rayfrey/321/lecture5.pdf [Broken]
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