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Perpetual magnetic generator

  1. Sep 17, 2009 #1
    please help me with this problem... i'm sure someone on here has put this idea in there head on how perpetual magnetic generator would work so i don't need to explain. I have made one and I am making energy LOTS but and trying to figure out the best way to store it.

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    Well, I thought about it and I can't think of a way to get a perpetual generator to work. But if you have one that makes energy lots then snap, could you share your secrets?

    As for storage you could store it in a large rechargeable battery... they can be expensive however.

    EDIT: Perhaps one day we can have an off topic forum!
    EDIT2: Well, obviously they don't work, but it's funny none the less.
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    They can't work and they don't work. That is why there aren't any.

    Posts on perpetual motion machines are not permitted on this forum.

    This thread should be locked.

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    its general physics and its working right now no BS... i'm looking for the best way to store the energy. think outside the box not from the textbooks... capacitors!

    i will go somewhere else for answers if knowone here can help give me your ideas
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    Whatever you think you have done, you have not created a perpertual motion machine. You have not created free energy.

    There has to be some crackpot forums on free energy, google them. The laws of physics apply on these forums.

    Thanks for playing and with a thread title like this.

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    If you are generating energy, store it in a battery, a flywheel, a pumped-storage system, or a capacitor bank.

    Regardless, these guys are right about perpetual motion and our policy toward it. We won't indulge/condone crackpottery here.
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