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Perpetual motion device

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    I make a perpetual motion device. It is a kind of overbalanced wheel. :wink: It is very simple mechanism. I am trying to make its prototype (or toy model).
    It is on paper now. :confused: I am trying this month only. After that I will cut my drawing in ten (10) parts.I ll release all drawings one by one on net. All nine (9) parts of drawing will be sense less with out its last part. :surprise: With the help of this drawing everyone can make this machine. :wink:

    It is not a joke.It is just for information.
    sanjay saini
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    In our world of friction, air resistance, etc. perpetual motion is impossible. Hate to break it to you...
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    While perpetual motion is impossible, the idea that the cunsumption of energy for whatever reason can be compensated for while the device is in motion, can lead to a device that while not perpetual, is efficient to the point that the device seems perpetual.

    Now, an overbalanced wheel would not provide enough momentum to compensate for its own weight, so I dont see how a device using such a wheel could ever be perpetual.

    Perhaps some further explinations to elaborate on the principle behind this device?

    Probobly not ;)
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    Let me guess, you can't tell us what it is for fear we'll steal it. But it relies on a very complicated math that any simple 4th grader could understand?
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