Perpetual motion machine selling site

Hi, people!

I've recently found this site on the web: [link deleted by Ivan]
It is a site thet sells plans for various so called "fuelless motor" devices. Take a look, and you'll see that it is basically selling plans of perpetual motion machines (and they aren't even original! The diagram on the gravity motor page looks like an 18th centry perpetual motion machine design!) It is runned by a David Waggoner, a "research scientist devoting his life in the study and development of free energy devices", and in the About Us page, it contains various "facts" to get people to buy their stuff. The whole site would have been rather funny if it weren't for the fact that somebody probablly have bought/ will buy their stuff! Someone please help to stop them ASAP.
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All perpetual motion claims are banned from discussion here. We know that any such device would violate the laws of physics so there is no need for debate. Beyond that, posting links only provides free advertising for the crackpots and cons. For these reasons we don't pursue internet scams.

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