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Perpetual Motion

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    What do you call and where can i buy the set of balls (maybe 4 or 5) suspended in strings and when the outermost ball hits the the next one and bounces off the last one on the other end and sets off perpetual motion? I surely appreciate any ones response. Thank you. Josh
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    Doc Al

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    Do a search on "Newton's Cradle" or "Newton's Balls".
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    Hello justjoshus.You are describing "Newtons cradle" so try googling for suppliers.There is no such thing as perpetual motion and the balls in Newtons cradle stop eventually.
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    I wonder how long it'd go on in a vacuum. I'm guessing air resistance is by far the biggest source of losses.
    I'm guessing it'd go on for a surprising amount of time. Anyone got a high vacuum to try it out in?
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    It would go on for longer in a vacuum but another major source of energy loss is due to the fact that during impact the balls get slightly distorted.
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    Which generates heat and sound (which dissipates as heat).
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    if magnets are involved in any mechanism of motion but it kept the motion consistant from other variables is it still considered perpetual motion??
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