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Perpetual Motion.

  1. Apr 27, 2012 #1
    I am completely fascinated with it, but my only question is if perpetual motion is achievable in space why don't we connect huge wire's to a machine lifted into space that constantly creates a giant force and never stops then is converted and sent down to earth?

    I am not sure if I shed my idea in the best light, but for those who understand what I am trying to say could you please speculate with me I would love to see your thoughts.
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    If you interact with a moving object in space so you can draw energy from it you'll slow it down in the process. So no perpetual motion there either. If you could wrap a coil in space around earth you could use the rotation of earth and it's magnetic field to produce large amounts of energy but just think of the size (cost) of the project, and it still wouldn't be a perpetual motion device. There are many crazy ways to produce energy but only a hand full of them are cost efficient.
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    Haha thanks so much =]
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    Read the rules of the forum .... such discussions are not allowed

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    We do not discuss PMMs or Free Energy schemes at the PF. Here are two good links for understanding why PMMs and Free Energy cannot work:


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