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Persistence Current

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Can I calculate persistence current by multipling the (probabilty current)x(charge density)???
It sounds a little strage but this is the only thing in my mind...
let me rephrase myself...
I have an electron circulating a one dimentional loop, and i want to caluclate the current.
may i do this by calculating (probability current)*(charge density) ???


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From a classical perspective, the current is the amount of charge that passes a given point in a wire per unit time. It does not matter if it is the same charge passing the same point over and over again, and it does not matter if the charge is really in a wire, or confined to a loop by another force such as a magnetic field.

If you are trying to do something more detailed, like exploring the time variation of the current at some point, or relating current to some quantum theoretical desctiption of the charge motion, then I think you need to expand your question to include the context.

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